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Graduate Students

Interested in learning more about typical and atypical development of social and affective brain systems? Join us in beautiful Davis! Read more…

In a nutshell, our lab provides you with opportunities to (1) become a certified MRI operator on 3 different machines (one in Davis and two in Sacramento) with the skills to run neuroimaging studies, (2) benefit from rich datasets that have already been collected and are ready to analyze, (3) collaborate with other scientists at both the Center for Mind and Brain and the broader UC Davis campus, (4) gain teaching experience while being supported by UCD resources such as the Teaching Assistant Consultant program, (5) learn cutting-edge statistical techniques from renowned faculty in Human Development, Psychology, Neuroscience, and other departments… and even more! Check out the link above for more information, and feel free to reach out to Dr. Guyer or current graduate students.  



Undergraduate Students

We are always looking for bright and motivated undergraduates with a passion for conducting research!  Read more…. 



Sandra Avila – Socio-Emotional Functioning in Adolescent Girls Is Associated With Alterations in Prefrontal Cortex and Amygdala Volumes